I kind of Get it, but need some guidance on making my own t4

Mar 9, 2011 at 12:41 AM

I'm doing some presentations (starting in 2 weeks) on integrating a JavaScript widget library with asp.net (specifically ExtJS).

My understanding is that when I say at the PMC prompt "install-package MvcScaffolding" that somehow adds something (references? files?) to my project so that when I say something like "scaffold Controller Team" I'm executing the code in the project represented here and the file in the MvcScaffolding\Scaffolder\Controller\MvcScffolding.Controller.ps1 directory.

So, If I want to modify this code (change the t4 templates, etc.) do I make a copy of the solution "Scaffolding_PetersSolution" and somehow reference that instead of what comes along when I started by saying "install-package MvcSScaffolding"?  That is, I'm thinking I want to do something like "install-package MvcScaffolding_pPetersSolution".

Feeling a little lost, but no surprise.  been lost before, will be lost again.

BTW, this stuff is really cool.  I thik you all who invented this have really hit a home run.